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Our mission

Running my own business has been a long held dream, and after a few career changing events I found myself at something of a cross roads. What better time than to start building a business based on my passions and skills, allowing others the same bespoke quality that I always seek out? This is what I always tell people when I’m asked and it’s, true to a degree. The secret reason for wanting my own business, is so I can spend more time at home with my cat. I’ve always been a dog person and never really had any contact with cats until Cleo arrived in my live demanding attention. And boy, does she demand attention and affection!

Cleo is a Bengal who we adopted when she was 5 months old; if we hadn’t taken her she’d have gone to breeding stock. My husband was the one that was more in favour of getting her. It was a cold November night when we met her and my coat was slightly open. Amazingly, she just walked up to me across the table, snuggled in to my coat and my heart melted. We were told the Bengal breed is the closet pet you can get to a puppy, that isn’t a puppy and now at the age of nine years I can tell you that this is true. She’s still puppy like, only she doesn’t wee on the carpets.

Don’t worry: all my skirts are carefully washed and ironed before going on sale, so no sneezes, however cat allergic you are.

Anyway, my skirts: I've built a stock of children’s skirts already and I hope you love them. But don't worry if your little princess doesn't quite fit. I'll be happy to make changes before posting, to make sure they're perfect in every way.

Our values

From shopping for myself I've noticed that the price of clothes are going up, but the quality of the cut and fabric used has gone down. With more and more clothes being made with polyester, I know the fashion industry is very harmful to the environment, but I use mostly natural fabrics and use patterns that give excellent shape and fit to clothes you'll love.

  • Fabrics: Use mostly print cotton.
  • Price: Excellent value for money
  • Style: I use and make patterns that are fun and fashionable